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A new map has just been added! 

The Kummersberg map which is known from our previous posts. The georeferencing itself was quite challenging as it required straightening and cropping map images by a vector index which also had to be prepared. The size of the vector index (or map grid) was neither derived from geographical graticule (e. g. 15' by 30') nor the real size of map sheets (e.g. 30cm by 50cm) and we had to make use of cadastral division (which was present on the map frame). Next step involved map sheets straightening and combining into a single map mosaic. Then, it was ready to be georeferenced. We used 20 control points with spline (rubbersheeting) transformation, and the result seems to be really nice :-). However, in the future we'll intend to imoprove its quality be applying map's native projection.

Dziś przybyła nam nowa mapa! 

Administrativ Karte von den Königreichen Galizien und Lodomerien mit dem Grossherzogthume Krakau und den Herzogthümern Auschwitz, Zator und Bukowina in 60 Blättern, C.R. von Kummersberg, czyli mapa Kummersberga w skali 1:115 200 z 1855 roku, o której już pisaliśmy